Saturday, July 25, 2015

What's up!

I have been busy, just not on here!

Ben has been through another IVIG treatment, plus a evaluation at Stanford of how he is doing.  He is doing much better though still has a long way to go.  He has a couple more IVIGs to go then the treatment will change.

I have been taking an online course with Sheffield University on Literature in the English Country Houses.  Very interesting.

I have been doing TONS of weeding in the back yard.  It had been neglected for so long because with the drought it is rather depressing.  We have lost quite a few plants and it had slowed the weeds down too.  But we had just enough rain to get weeds start growing again.  So I have 21 garbage cans filled waiting for their turn to get picked up on Thursdays.  I can get rid of 4 cans a week but I have still been filling them as fast as they are emptied.

On the sewing scene I have been mending and I shortened my 1905 Wool skirt.  It was way too long, so I finally shortened it and wore it Thursday.

This week I will be starting a new online class:  Regency Corset and Chemise class.  The corset looks very interesting to make since it has boning with cotton string.  I haven't done and cording before so it should be fun.

There will be a Christmas Tea at Ardenwood this winter.  Sunday, December 13th in the afternoon.  Just a heads up!

And, take a breath! . . . The girls and I have been planning our trip to France in 2016!  We have been having lots of fun and have all the travel plans and hotels taken care of except one, we can't book it until October.   All the friends are getting sick of hearing about it!  I won't drive you away with talking about it, we have our own private blog to wallow about in the fun of it all!

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