Monday, August 10, 2015

Catch up. . .Again!

We have been up to lots of things these last several months.  We have been down to Pacific Grove and enjoyed the ocean again.  We actually stayed a couple days this time!

I have been doing all sorts of small projects, mending and changing what needs it.

And more weeding.  The back yard is looking a lot better, even though it is dry.  The scientists are thinking we will be having a very rainy winter!  I am starting to think of projects for rainy days.  One of them may include an Victorian evening dress and a 1918 day dress.  And who knows what else!

I decided since I delved into making the Regency Dresses, I really needed the stuff that goes under them.  So, I am taking an online class to make a Regency Chemise and Corset.  Surprise, surprise!  Under those cute little airy dress of the Jane Austen period, they wore corsets!  I never would have thought!  But, they needed something in the way of a "foundation" garment to get that "shelf-look" in the bodice area that looks like they are going to have a fashion malfunction!  We will see if I can harness some of that "lift".

The class started a couple weeks ago with a list of supplies we need.  This last week we worked on the chemise.  Very easy and I am finished.  Tomorrow we start on the corset.  The Regency corset is not boned, it is corded.  Literally instead of sliding metal bones in casings, we are pulling butcher's string through casings.

I have also been taking a course on "Literature and the English Country House".  It was very interesting and in the process I read the "Mysteries of Udolpho" a gothic novel by Ann Radcliffe.  It was written before Jane Austin and quite interesting.

That course just finished up last weekend.  It was a free online course provided by the University of Sheffield in England.


There will be one more round of Summer Camps.  More information is on the Patterson House facebook page.

Cajun Zydeco will be Sat., August 15
     This is a popular event, come early with your lawn chairs, blanket and sun umbrella.  Cajun food         will be sold but you can bring your own also.

The Rail Fair will be held on Labor Day weekend.  The park will be especially full of 4 year old boys!  But there will be lots of girls too!  The children love all the model trains set up in the farmyard.

Abraham Lincoln's casket (replica) will be on display at the Patterson House  September 4-14.
     This replica was made in 2015 for the anniversary of Lincoln's death to celebrate his life and re-enact the funeral train trip that brought his body to be laid to rest in Springfield, Ill.   The train stopped at several cities so the people could express their goodbys.   Since the 2015 anniversary the replica has been traveling throughout the country as a memorial to Lincoln.  The Chapel of the Roses has offered it to be displayed at the Patterson House before it moves on to its next destination.

Ardenwood will hold the next Murder Mystery Dinner on September 12.  More information will be posted on the Patterson House facebook page soon.

There will be the Foundation Rummage Sale on September 19 in the front parking lot at Ardenwood.  7-Noon.

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