Monday, August 17, 2015


After our little shaker this morning, I decided to put a few things together to post for our neighborhood web site.

I put ours together just a month before the Loma Prieta.  Luckily we didn't have to use it but felt really good we had it.  Actually, we gave most of it away in Watsonville to the people out of their homes and in the rain.  We helped give out hundreds of tents that had been donated by TARGET!  Families were so thankful for the tents, but I worried for them without lights, trying to put up tents without being able to read the instructions or without even being able to see the picture of what it was supposed to look like!

I will try to post  a bit once a week so shopping won't hit the wallet all at once.   The first shopping list will be at the end of the page.

First things first!

You could look into joining your neighborhood CERT group.
Gas shut off valve.  In a real shaker, you may smell gas.  Be sure to have something to turn off the gas and know how to do it.
Water shut off valve.  Do you know how to turn off the water in case a water pipe breaks?
Electric shut off.  Do you know how and where to turn off your electicity?
Water is a necessity and running water may not be available.
First Aid Kit, important in case of injuries.
Flashlights & batteries

CERT group
I believe the initials stand for Citizen Emergency Response Team.  You can find information on CERT at the fire station.  They train citizens in all sorts of first aid and response techniques in case of emergency, like a large earthquake.  Each community will need people trained.  CERT provides very interesting and important information and training.
Gas shut off valve
Find out where it is and be sure there is a designated shut off wrench in a place where it will (for sure) be in case of an emergency.
Be sure you know that the valve  is open when the line you turn is in line with the pipe, it is off when the line is across the pipe like a +.
Only turn off the gas if you smell gas though.  You should have PGE turn it back on (and it may take days after a big earthquake because they will be busy!)
Water shut off valve
There should be a valve where the water comes into the home and one at the street.  Your valvat the street may need a special tool.
Electric shut off switch
Do you know where your electric box is?   Usually it is on the side of your house.  PGE give you information if you need it.
Family evacuation and meeting place
An important topic for a family discussion:  if everyone is home, some at school, some at work.
If phones are disabled because of heavy usage, how will family members communicate or waiting place.

Shopping list:
WATER!!!  Water is much more important than food!
First Aid Kit - Either by as a kit or put a kit together.  I know it will be hard to find some of the things on the Red Cross list, but if you have at least the easier ones it is better than none.   I have mine in a nylon lunch bag that we weren't using.

The Red Cross recommends that all first aid kits for a family of four include the following:


This is the second earthquake we have had in the Bay Area lately so better ready than sorry!

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