Monday, September 7, 2015

Earthquake! Prepare now! Week 4 - Sept 7, 2015

Earthquake! Prepare now!  Week 4 - Sept 7, 2015

Another week, more prepared!

If you do feel an earthquake you can help the scientists learn more of how the earthquake waves travel by going on to the USGS web site and telling them how you felt it in your area.   then click "Did You Feel It?"   Click on the incident you felt and they have a survey asking you questions about it.  I have even gone in when I didn't feel it because that is important too. You can then see how many other people took the survey, how far away from the epicenter you were, etc.

Check your house for hazards. †

Identify which hazards you will reduce first. †
(Don't forget to attach monitors and TVs to the wall.  A TV toppled off a cabinet and killed a little boy!  OSH has Earthquake wax that you can put under knick-knacks to hold them from flying off a shelf.)

If you haven't already locate your gas meter and water valves and place the proper tool near each. † Obtain a collar-tag or microchip for your pet for emergency identification.

If you happen to have an extra nice large backpack you can start filling it up with the things on the shopping list.  You do want to have tools for your kit and not ones you use for working around the house because you want to know right where they are at when you need them.

Crescent wrench** †
Heavy duty rope** †
Duct tape †
2 flashlights - hand crank or battery operated †
Batteries for flashlights †
Bungee cords** †
Water proof matches †

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