Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to Painting!

When my Aunt Edna was really going down as far as her dementia was concerned I came to a point where painting wasn't relaxing and fun.   I always felt there was something else I should be doing.

I have decided to take up the brush again after about 4 years.

I have started with doing some studies of other paintings to see where I am at after all this time.  I unfortunately could not find some of the artist's names where the paintings were displayed.

So, these are my studies while I am trying to get back in the grove:
This is my study from Kathleen Dumphy's.  She is a wonderful artist.

I don't know the artist that did the original of this.

This is from a photo taken by Simone Archer of Newark, CA.  It is of a rock we all love in Pacific Grove, CA.

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