Sunday, August 7, 2016

Still thinking of France and other trips

I enjoyed our visit to France so much and am still catching myself thinking about different aspects of it.

I was thinking of the beautiful red Flanders Poppies and what they represent.  They are so beautiful sprinkled around the countryside of France.  The girls called them the War Poppies.  I bought some seed so maybe they will grow here in the SF Bay Area.

And Monet's garden! (Although this picture is from their web site)  That place is lovely.

And then as my thoughts were wondering, I remember the wonderful times with the grandkids:

In Williamsburg, VA,  the Turkey Leg war

And Luke and I visited the Williamsburg legislature .
 And then this wonderful picture of Ben while we were visiting George Washington's Mt. Vernon!

But then I came back to our camping trip we are leaving on tomorrow.  I remembered back to my little pup tent from our Slice 1 trip.  And wondered what the new tent will be like!

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