Saturday, March 28, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

I have been trying to catch-up and clean up all sorts of things that needed attention.  I am actually getting to the end of my lists.

The family reunion in August is pretty much taken care of:  hotel, air, dinner $ sent.   Car is yet to be taken care of.  It is helping that my daughter is doing the details! how hard is that!  And Taxes are done and paid.  Son #1 did all the dirty work on that.  Life is getting easier!!! :-)

I have all my duties done for the "Gone with the Wind" Picnic on April 18......and no, I did it all.  Though Cathy is finishing up on the 2 dresses she volunteered for.

The May 2nd Tea/Fashion show at Ardenwood is coming along.  Luke and Even are doing the photos.  I am just trying to round up the 20 some models to figure out what they are wearing and coming up with a little blurb about them as they show off.

We are heading down to Pacific Grove tomorrow for a little get-away for me and my hubby.  The weather should be beautiful!

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