Friday, March 13, 2015

Tomorrow, Costume Academy!

Another busy day... But, I have the ceiling finished in the greenhouse.  A special ceiling, not just the glass ceiling.  I put pictures  and info up when I am done.

Lots of little things to get done.  Why do they seem to take up so much time???

Tonight I have the car all packed with all the stuff I need for tomorrows Costume Academy.
My classes are:
Hand Sewing Basics
Seam Finishes for Every Seam
Make a Set of False Ringlets
Regency Bodice aka Sleeveless Spencer

I'm a little nervous about the last one.  I made some stays over a year ago Just with the idea of trying to figure out how they are made.  When it came to fitting, I was totally at a loss.  I have no idea how they are really supposed to fit.  Anyhow, I got this class and am supposed to have stays to fit the Spencer to.... and now I am stuck with fitting to the stays I really don't think fit me correctly.  Well, maybe I will learn what the stays are supposed to end up like and just use what I learn to make new stays and a better fitted Spencer.

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