Saturday, July 13, 2013

Farmer's Market in Port Townsend

Every week they have a wonderful Farmer's Market in Port Townsend.  It was pretty crowded so didn't take many photos inside the market.

 Lots of beautiful plants for sale.

 And lot of fruit and veggies!

 There is lots of different kinds of cooked foods and lots of art and craft displays.

And a lot of organizations represented!  This photo is from the display at "The Gathering Place" booth.  The Gathering Place is a special place for adults with mental challenges.  It is really a special place.  They have many classes for the "clients" to learn all kinds of activities.  And they have lots of fun with their fundraiser which is making doggie treats to sell.  It is a great organization and I wish we had one like it here.  They also sell calendars every year with paintings from the town artists, of which there are many.

They have a band playing some great music and other forms of entertainment.

A little park area adjacent to the market
Another bit of entertainment

One of the side streets.

More photos tomorrow, too!

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