Monday, July 29, 2013

Latest project - Front Patio

It all started with a broken sprinkler pipe.  The pipe was broken under the brick patio.  It turns out there was a big root that had pushed on the pipe until it broke.  The patio was laid about 40 years ago and it has needed some repairs, so now is the time.

First we uncovered all the pipes from the water source and replaced several of them and added a couple more for any future irrigation needs while cutting out all the roots under there.  We capped all the pipes off for now.

Then sand was put in and the bricks put back.

There are other places where the the divider boards had rotted away so we  replaced them and added sand to fill the gaps between bricks.


 The original bender boards needed to be replaced too.

 Along the front step to the patio, the bricks have separated and are no longer level so that is the next step in our project. 

 When we put in this patio it was quite a big project.  There are curves all over which required cutting bricks at angles.  We were glad to be finished with it and have enjoyed all our work on it for all these years.

Then when we are done with the patio we are going to hit the nursery and redo the plantings!

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