Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update on our little girl bees!

Our little girls have been working soooo hard making their super yummy honey.  So much so, that George has gotten a call from Whole Foods wanting to stock his honey in their new store in Fremont, CA as their "local honey".  George has the honey available already in several places, Perry's fruit stand at Ardenwood, Mr. Mikey's grocery store in Niles and a couple other fruit stands.  Since this has been just a hobby, it will really be pushing to keep the supplies up.  It is rather an honor to be asked to supply the new Whole Foods store though.  So he is going to get a "cottage industry" license and try it.  Whole Foods gave him the bar codes already.

I am just going to have to plant a lot more flowers for the girls, maybe they will work at least regular hours.  I don't know if I have mentioned this before but my gals are really pampered.  They stay in bed until the sun actually hits the hive, about 10 am, then they have their morning coffee before going to work.  They then work until about 4:30 pm when they decide to call it a day.  They have been asking for a hot tub, which now I may have to give them as an incentive for longer work days.

By the way, Jen, our youngest daughter mentioned a yummy recipe she found.  Some honey, juice of lemon (or lime) with a bit of zest heated for a bit and spread over pineapple slices on the grill!  Sounds so good I am getting a pineapple next time I hit the market!

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