Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A lot of Hand Sewing

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning, nice and orange!  I ran and got the camera but the color had already faded as the sun came up.

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Then I took another and it had faded even more so quickly!

Today I dedicated myself to hand sewing.  I hemmed the skirt on the dress and tacked down the lace along it's bottom.  The underskirt hem is going to have to wait until I attach the skirt and underskirt to the bodice.

Then I corrected a mistake I made the other day.  I had put the opening on the right side, instead of the left.  I considered leaving it, but it was really bothering me so I re-did both sides, making the left side opening.  Then I put in the hooks and eyes to where the skirt will be attached to the bodice.

The new opening on the correct side.

I have to figure out what I am going to do about the bodice sleeves.  Once I do the sleeves I will attach the skirts.

Then I will have to decide how to do the overskirt in black organza.  

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