Sunday, February 2, 2014

All Pinned Up

I have the bodice and it's lining cut and seamed to a point.  I have to make a decision on what next so I decided to pin it all on "Betsy".  Keep in mine that other than the bodice's main fabric, every thing is large pieces of fabric just pinned on.

Please excuse the magenta tee shirt on the form....too bad it isn't black.  Oh, well.  I was trying to see how the black organza changes the colors and how the lace across the bodice works and if I should do the bodice to the natural waist line or a high waist line.
 On this view I folded up the upper skirt and added the cream underskirt look.

 Then I tried adding the lace to the cream hem.

I didn't like the lace on the bottom and felt that the overskirt was too high.  So I lower the overskirt and pinned the lace on the overskirt instead of the underskirt.  I also took out the cream fabric under the bodice lace.  I also raised the waist.

 I also raised the black organza a bit.

Enough....I need to eat breakfast!


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