Monday, March 10, 2014

And life goes on....

Today I had an Ardenwood Docent meeting to go to.  And what a glorious day and beautiful place this time of the year.  I have to admit I didn't get past all the new little lambs without stopping to watch them.  Yeh, I was late for the meeting  because of the lambs.  But it was worth it!

 But it was worth it!

On the way out I had to say hello to Billy Goat.  He has been moved from the field where he used to jump up to eat the walnut tree leaves to the fenced area next to the barn.  Now he gets to be admired by every one.  Darn guy, he wouldn't put his head up when I was trying to take his picture.

He is really very impressive when you can actually see him.

It was feeding time for the moms by then.

And, of course, the peacocks always have to show off this time of year.  Their feathers that were so bedraggled last December have all fallen out and new ones have taken their place.  He didn't do a dance for me like he usually does though.

Meanwhile, I did work on attaching the skirt to the dress when I got home.  Of course, wouldn't you know, I put the skirt side I wanted on top on the bottom and vis versa.  Oh, well.  I will tackle that Wednesday.  Tomorrow my Dear and I are going with our friends to have the guys fitted for their tuxes...if he doesn't chicken out before then.

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