Wednesday, June 18, 2014

17 days till sailing!

The ship is 17 stories high.  The first 4 floors are not open for passengers; the employees live there and the workings of the ship are also down there.  There are about 4 floor that are nothing but rooms for passengers so it looks like a hotel corridor.  Then there are all the other floor that have all kinds of restaurants, entertainment of all kinds to keep the passengers happy!

Today I made a little book of the floorplans of all the decks so I will know where everything is.  


  1. Cathy wants a copy of my book (she is always shy and does not post her comments on the blog). But, Cathy, the ship is so big that you will have to wear your glasses to see the details!

  2. You can be the navigator then mom :) My eyes won't be able to see it either. Funny the Mom has better vision than the children.