Friday, June 6, 2014

Losing or Gaining Weight on a Cruise

Just why do you think everyone at my Weight Watchers group laughed this morning when I said I would like to loose weight on our cruise........?

I think it is going to be a test of my will power.  I hope I am strong enough!

I plan on doing stairs instead of elevators.
I hope to explore all the floors of the ship - to get in exercise.
The Promenade Deck is going to be my friend.
I have already added to my cruise personalizer that I want lowfat /low sugar /low sodium food.
  (hopefully our personal waiter will help me with this.)
I am going to focus on veggie and fruit dishes.
I am going to focus on fish ....most of the time.  Fish is not my favorite usually
I will order sauces and dressings on the side.  I plan to use the "dip the fork" for these items.
I am not going to be afraid to leave food on the plate.
If I plan on a special high calorie meal, I will take it into account at the other meals.
I do plan on high tea on the ship and plan not to have the afternoon cookies except a couple of times.
    (the cookies are going to be hard to pass up.  But if I have one, it will only be one.)
I plan on fruit for snacks.
We have planned on early seating for dinner so we shouldn't be ravenous by dinner.
I have to remember to drink lots of water.
Thank God I am not drawn to alcohol drinks or sodas....High calories!
I plan on drinking plain coffees to avoid extra calories in specialty coffees.
I am hoping that we will feel sooo relaxed we will eat slowly and recognize when we are full.
I plan not to eat meals at times I don't need.
If I splurge I plan not to chuck the whole eat healthy plan and start anew!
When I taste a desert I plan to eat just a taste.
I plan to divide my meal in half if they bring to large of a portion.
I plan on being able to turn down unhealthy suggestions from the wait person.
     I have heard they have a tendency to suggestion very decadent deserts.
I plan to remember to have healthy soups if they look filling and low cal/low sodium.
Breakfast is a weakness of mine.  I plan to order low cal breakfast, although thinking of it at this moment, I think this is going to be difficult.
I am bringing my fitbit with me so I plan to make my 10,000 steps a day.
I hope to use the gym, but frankly, I haven't seen inviting photos of it on the Golden Princess.
     It didn't look like it has windows.
We plan to have fruit in the room.
We are supposed to have chocolates on our pillows before bed......I might have to maybe taste and then flush the rest down the toilet.......unless our butler brings us strawberries dipped in chocolate...I will eat those healthy snacks!!

Well, I have been thinking and planning so hope I have it covered.

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