Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coming down to the wire!

I made a couple books with the deck layouts so we can make our way around until we memorize where everything is.

And, I forgot to show you what I bought from my friend Simone!  A pendant necklace - clear with irridescent foils which picks up color from whatever it is near.
 And, a pair of earrings of royal blue glass with a wonderful design!

And today, we went and had a pedicure!  We are ready now, for sure!

While we were driving to the pedicure to meet up with Jen and Rob, I was transcribing notes on the meeting with Doctor F. at Stanford Children's Hospital while Cathy was re-living it.  It was such a comprehensive meeting...a lot to think about and a lot of hope and a lot of thankfulness for doctors devoting their time to finding a cure for PANDAS.

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