Friday, June 5, 2015

Regency bodiced petticoat

I had decided to take an online class with on how to make a Regency dress.  I really don't feel comfortable in this era so figured I would do it right and have instruction.  I signed up and then realized.....I don't have any Regency "underwear" to fit the dress on.  Well, actually I had my short stays finished, but don't really know if they are fitted correctly.

So, since I was going up to my daughters house for a week to take care of the grand-animals, this was going to be a great time for a Regency blowout!  The class gives you information on fabrics and basic information a couple weeks before the class actually starts.  This gives you time to get all your stuff together, order your fabrics, etc.  I used that time to get going on ordering fabric and patterns.  Then started in on my bodiced petticoat.

This is the Laughing Moon pattern #132 and it comes with a bum roll (who would have known they used them in the loose Regency period) and a pocket.

The front has a draw string to adjust the neckline

The back has a bunch of sewed down pleats for the fullness of Regency dresses in those days.

I was looking out for fabric that seemed to follow the guidelines and photos to fit the period but didn't want to be really far off when it came right down to it.  I gave up looking and ordered some from

I was just about ready to start thinking "dress" when my fabric came and I left for my daughter's house.

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