Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Regency Short Stays

I finally finished the Regency Short Stays that I had started over a year ago.  It was a project I took on when I was staying with my granddaughter while her parents were on a trip.  They went on a trip this year to Mexico City and since she still had school, she stayed home again and I stayed with her again.  She was so busy studying for tests that I had plenty time to revisit the project!

Mainly I had the boning and some binding to do.



I even left some of my DNA....darn pins!

My first bound eyelets
I found a smaller cord for the lacing later on.

Since Regency is not really my era, I am hoping I am not too far off with the fitting.


  1. are those bond eyelets done by hand?

  2. Yes, done with embroidery thread and easy to do.