Sunday, June 7, 2015

Regency Day Dress

I had decided I wanted to learn more about the Regency Era last year.  I started those stays I shared with you a few days ago.  I was rather frustrated because I didn't know just how they were supposed to fit.  I actually made 2 trying to get it right, but frankly I think I got it pretty much right but they just aren't that comfortable.  I think one of these days I will try the long stays, maybe that will help.

Anyway, I decided to take a class on a Regency Dress.  this is a Laughing Moon Pattern and a class online with  The pattern is pretty straight forward but I learned a lot, both sewing techniques and on Regency dressing.

I started the introduction lesson.  She lets you know the fabrics of the period and what supplies you need and the class starts two or three weeds later giving you time to order and get your supplies.  I realized I needed a Regency petticoat and the stays to fit the dress correctly.  I finished the stays but since she mentioned you could use a push-up bra I order one since I felt it may well fit the dress better than my stays.  I also bought a petticoat pattern and had plenty of muslin to make the petticoat.

Then I tackled finding correct fabric.  Feeling that I really didn't know the fabrics of the period I ordered a wonderful 100% cotton from Burnley & Trowbridge.  I knew it would be correct.

As I started lesson 1, it dawned on me how I never would have thought a computer and sewing would go together.  Well, it is a great idea for classes online, especially since sewing is not offered in the schools anymore.  I am sure you could learn all you need online.

This pattern has an apron opening with is different.  The main bodice section has a closing in the front that ties to hold it closed.

The "bib" part of the front is left hanging while you are tying the front.

The class just finished and this is the final result:

The lessons are a week apart and so when I was caught up I started another dress from fabric in my stash.  Just finished it...will show you tomorrow!

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