Thursday, May 22, 2014

Part 2 of refinishing floors has started!

This morning at 9am the guys were here and ready to go.  The study floor had a closet with cedar floor which we have opened up for more space in the room.  The cedar floor is gone and now has hardwood floor to match the rest of the floor.  The whole floor is sanded and the first coat of finish is on it.

Tomorrow they will be here at 7:30 for day 2 of part 2.  A light little sanding of the finish put on today and the 2nd coat of finish will be put on.  Then, the most exciting part!. . .They plan to come back tomorrow evening and light sand and install the 3rd coat!!!  So, by Saturday morning it should be dry enough to start moving stuff back in! Hurrah!

The guys were so careful and put plastic and tape to contain the dust but we had some good wind and some dust still got out and there is a fine layer on everything in the house.  Then, this morning my vacuum decided to die.  Tomorrow morning I will be heading to the mall to by a new vacuum.

I am getting very anxious to go through all the stuff before putting it back and really doing a clean-out!

My new cabinet that is to take place of the book cases is supposed to arrive next week - that will be like Chrstmas!  Poor FedEx guy, it weighs a lot.

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