Friday, May 23, 2014

Waiting for the last coat!

The 2nd coat on the study floor is on and the 3rd and final coat will be applied this afternoon!  I am getting really antsy......tired of furniture everywhere it is not supposed to be.

The doorbell just rang......the poor FedEx guy.  He just delivered the new cabinet that wasn't to be delivered till Wednesday.  No problem, but it will have to sit on the front porch until Sunday.

Saturday we will be able to move the furniture back into the study, but as much as I would like to I have to paint the walls first!  To be able to paint without any furniture in a room is too good to pass up.  I already bought the paint and am ready to start on Saturday morning!

Sunday will be move in the furniture day!!  I can't wait!  The bedroom finished in Part 1 had been emptied and once the floors were done in there some of the study furniture went in there so I haven't really enjoyed any finished floors yet.  Just a little longer....

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