Thursday, May 1, 2014

So, what have I been doing...

Well, spring cleaning.

For lots of reasons, I have really gotten behind in cleaning, gardening and just general getting-rid-of-stuff.  So with help the house looks clean (lots of drawers and closets to clean out though).

And we have been fixing-up too.  You know, all those little things that need attention but are on a low priority to spending time on.

And then there is paperwork, bills, and that sort of thing.  I am pretty much caught up on everything in that category for now.  A second round of Aunt Edna paper work has been done.

Now I am cleaning up and simplifying my studio/sewing room.  It was quite the disaster this afternoon!  Stuff was all over and barely room to move at all.  It is about one third put back and I can see part of the rug!

Meanwhile our dryer has just not been drying correctly.  It was taking so long to dry and I was looking for a new dryer.  But, my Dear decided to check it out when I told him I found a dryer I liked.  Turns out the vent pipe carrying the hot air, moisture and lint (lint not caught in the trap) to the outside was rather plugged up.  We bought a lint vent brush to clean out the vent and are in the process of re-hooking up the vent to the dryer.

Then, MAY 17, our hall and a bedroom floor will be refinished.  Then, the study floor will be refinished later.  So that means a lot of stuff has to be moved, gone through and tossed.  All and all, my Regency project is now a lower priority!  I don't really plan on any Regency event until August so it shouldn't be a problem.

And the garden!  I was doing so well out there, until we just hit a hot streak.  Then I haven't gotten to it.  It is supposed to be getting cooler tomorrow so maybe I will get out there a bit.

So, that is why I have been hit and miss with blog entries!

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