Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getting Ready for Winter

I guess you would call it Winter Cleaning.  My project is done and my hip is feeling so much better that I headed out to the garden today to actually do some work.

The chicken have really been scratching up a storm since we have been letting them out in the daytime all summer.  I don't know why but they seem to just have to scratch everything in the flowerbeds onto the walkways, and we have LOTS of walkways they have had fun covering.  We have brick walks and gravel and it doesn't mean a thing to them except an obsession to cover them with dirt and leaves.  Let me show you an example:

This is the brick walk to the playhouse.  I cleaned the top half and the bottom half I haven't touched yet.  Those two chickens were able to dump all that stuff from under the olive tree onto the walk.

Tomorrow, I have to finish the other side of the olive tree.  I will also be getting ready for Thanksgiving with what ever I can do that far ahead.  I need to be mindful not to do too much stress on my hip or I will get that problem again.

Dear Hubby made some nice shelves in the shed so I have to get that all arranged and put back too.

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