Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Velcro and Elastic

I am now hitting the bottom drawer in my sewing machine cabinet.  I am in my RV enjoying the rain on the roof, and believe me, it is giving me my money's worth right now!  Oh, my plants are going to be SO happy with this rain.  Since we have been low on water from last year they have been on pretty skimpy rations.

So I have organized all my sewing drawers except this one.  This is like the "junk drawer".  I don't even know what all I have in there except all the velcro and elastic I push in there.

Under all that velcro and elastic

At least all that velcro, elastic and webbing are in bags now.

  • After going through the drawer I found a couple of treasures, one I knew I had,

A Chatelain I bought years ago and use at Ardenwood.  The pieces are:  scissor, thread holder, needle holder, thread cutter.
and the other was a complete surprise.
A necklace made of jet beads.
I have no idea where I got this.  It was probably a broken necklace from an antique place that I repaired.

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