Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Outer Collar

 I barely had time to baste the collars in this morning.  There are two collars, the outer one (velvet) and the inner one satin that matches the "vest".  It doesn't look very good on Dolly because her neck is bigger than the collar so the whole thing is not sitting correctly.

The outer collar is pretty much done but the inner collar is not stitched at its ends.  I may just change the collars to one like the original.  Otherwise I have to put the beaded strip between the vest and collar before final stitching.

So.....What to do.

I am thinking I should do it like the original and just do the full velvet collar.  It would make life easier. And then there is the vest thing. The original has two strips like lapels, sort of, with the beading on them.  I am thinking seriously of doing that also.  It does give a more finished look where the dress and the vest meet.  It will be interesting when I do the bottom front of the bodice. . . it looks fraught with danger.
But actually the sleeves are next.

The sleeves have to be in when the lining is added.  When the lining is added is when the collar issue has to be decided.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves!  Tomorrow is honey harvest!  So if I remember my camera I will let you in on a bit of it!

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  1. Yeah, I'm thinking the original collar - not quite sure what kind of collar you were going to do, but I love the original one and it hides the end of the beads. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!