Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Our rainy season in the San Francisco Bay Area usually starts a few days before Halloween.  I know that because my birthday is the day before Halloween so it was always a special time for me.  And it was always a threat of rain and trick or treating!

This rain till today.  It's just a nice little rain storm and will be gone tomorrow.  But I am enjoying it while I have it!  I spent the day cleaning up after the marathon of sewing.  (I do make a mess while I am working on a project.)  And I gathered all the stuff that needed to be sorted out.  Then I took the little stuff needing sorting to my old RV, Lucy.  And I spent the afternoon sorting and putting away while listening to the rain on the roof.  Some years ago we put a cement tile roof on the house.  It looks great, like wood shingles........but, you can't hear the rain on the roof.  So I will be sleeping and playing in the rv until around noon when the rain will be gone!

And I will be starting to work on the little hair piece thing that goes with the burgundy dress.  

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