Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Few Thoughts "After the Ball"

Even though I have been a docent at Ardenwood for so many years in costume, this was the 2nd event outside of Ardenwood.  The first was the Greater Bay Area Costume Guild open house, the second was the Downton Abbey Ball.  It surprised me that I was really nervous about actually attending the Ball after all the preparation and looking forward to it.  I could see that the 2 dresses that I created weren't quite as spot on in fitting as I would have liked.  But, they passed muster.  There certainly were some beautiful dress there!

And just the fact that my husband, who does not like social events of any kind, actually went!  That was a miracle in itself.  And he enjoyed it!  He actually got a kick out of dressing up.

In our modern culture we are lucky if anyone dresses up a bit for church, weddings, or any other occasions.  That brought up the thought of how most people don't go to dances once they have done their wedding dance....then they feel they don't know how to dance so they avoid any dancing because of that.  Everyone at the Ball last night looked like they enjoyed being dressed up, and acting dressed up.

And the dancing!  OMG  there was some spectacular dancing!  Those guys were really strutting their stuff...they were twirling those gals so fast on the corners I thought someone was going to end up embedded in the wall.

And now I know why most of the formal dresses were sleeveless from the 1912 period into the 20's, with all that dancing around it was getting pretty warm!

But there was the issue of my wig.  It is the first time I wore a wig and it did fine at first, then it kept sliding to the back of my head.  I think I figured out the problem though.  I had washed my hair and just pinned it up before putting on the wig caps and the wig.  I think I should have sprayed my hair with some of the "hair glue" or super duper hold hair spray so my hair would  be stable, therefore the wig would be stable.  I certainly had enough pins in it but it didn't have a good solid foundation to hold on to.  Oh, well. next time I will know.

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