Monday, April 14, 2014

Chemise Neckline

I have finished the chemise, neckline and all.

And now I have started the short stays.

This is a very interesting garment, considering I have never seen one in person.  I figure I will just consider this a practice since I don't really know how it is supposed to look when it is finished.  I was having problems fitting it at the early stage.

The straps are being a problem.  I tried them one way, didn't seem right, tried them another way, didn't seem right.  Since I have been with my grandaughter for a few days I hadn't had a chance to check the original pattern.  Today I did, I had them right the first time but had already ripped out the seams.  The original pattern had it marked on which side was the outside but I hadn't marked it on my copy pattern!!

 Well, I fixed that little problem.

 It seems there is a bunch up on the top sides so I may have to put a dart there in the end, but I know things will change as I go on.

I used my punch for making the holes for the lacing.  That worked perfect

And I do want to brag about my eyelet holes!  First time I've done them by hand.  They turned out pretty good!

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