Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lots of things calling

I am fully home now after some days with my granddaughter.  I didn't see a lot of her since she was immersed in studying!  But now I am home and lots of things need attention.  I really need to do some bookwork, but the garden is calling, and then there is the "short-stays" project (almost done).

I think I will get out to the garden early, spend a couple hours there (weeding), then come in, pay bills, then do the casing on the bottom edge of the short-stays to it's final finish.  Sounds like a plan!

Woops!  What am I thinking!  Today is Thursday, Weight Watcher meeting this morning!  I am a day off.  REVISION:  Do the paperwork, then WW meeting, then garden, then short-stays.

Good morning, everyone!  It is Thursday!

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