Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fixed the problem!

Yesterday I was saying about how the short stays had this extra bunch of fabric at the front armhole.  Well, I figured out it was because the body of the whole thing was a bit too large.  To fix the "bunch up" I ended up taking in on the under arm seams and in the back-center.  I had used my old measurements and hadn't taken it the fact I have lost some weight!!!  Wow! isn't THAT something!  I don't have the rolls below the bra line that I used to have.....What a SHOCK!  It just dawned on me that that was the difference!  The weight comes off so slowly I had completely forgot about that. YIPPIE!

Anyhow, that problem is fixed.  I did all the seams, 3 layers each by hand last night while my granddaughter was studying.  I also realize that my hand stitching through the years has really improved.  That was a nice observation too!  And the fix made the straps fit better also.                                            
Today I will be working on the boning on the short stays.

But the garden is calling too!
Spring is really here and I want to share some pictures I took at Ardenwood:

The House

The Garden

The Herb Garden

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