Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the Garden!

It was just too nice to do any sewing today.  I did plan on it but got side-tracked.  I had told you the garden was calling!  And other outside projects!

This crazy drought and warm weather we have been having has totally confused the plants.  First of all, we have been using almost no watering so all the plants have been under stress.  Then the temps have been so warm they think it is still last summer, I think.  Not much is blooming right now, and the fruit trees that usually start blooming in January or early February aren't even close to blooming. With one exception, one of the plum trees.

The poor succulents have had a very rough time.  They sure have loved every sprinkle we have had.

The red on the succulents show they are under stress.

This red is a tiny cactus.  

The wisteria is usually fully blooming now.

There is hope though.  Buds!

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