Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest Project and News

My latest project is to replace the screening in my greenhouse/spa.  Some years ago I got this brilliant idea to put a small hot tub in my greenhouse.  It gives me privacy and protection from the wind, and I love it!

I put some special screening in the greenhouse so the sun would not damage the hot tub and it would keep the green house cooler.  I have solar openers on the windows.  Through the years the wind has blown in lots of pollen and tiny seeds onto the screening.  I tried to wash it off but no dice.  It is also getting rather stiff, anyhow I decided to replace the screening.  This is a big project and very physical!  So it will keep me busy for awhile.

I thought I would document again some of the plants that are blooming at this time.
The freesias are just starting!  My favorite flower!
This rose is "Henry Fonda".

This is Cassidy's rose, named after our baby granddaughter that passed away at birth.

The mallow blooms all year around.

Now, the bad news . . . .

My bees have suffered from hive collapse.

I miss the little girls.  Our dear son-in law will be bringing us some new girls to start a new hive.

But, just to leave on good notes . . .

1.  One of the plum trees has started blooming!

2.  I am going up to take care of my grand-dog and grand-cat for a couple days.

3.  And the reason I will be with them is because Jen and Robert are going to attend the Game of Thorns Costume Event this weekend.  She has promised pictures!

A little preview though, from when she was working on her costume:


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