Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jen's 1860s dress

I have really been doing a push to finish Cathy's and Jen's 1860s dresses.  I have some tiny details on Cathy's and the straps and hem on Jen's to finish.  I will need another fitting for Jen's straps just to make sure they are in the right position.  And I need to double check if the hem is at the correct length before sewing it.

When I am at the point that I can't go any further on their dresses, I have started working on mine.
The first part of the cartridge pleats on my skirt.
Jen's hoop petticoat had to be shortened.

Then I turned her skirt inside out on Dolly and pinned up the skirt.

Of course this was done while Dolly was on the table because she is at my height and not Jen's!

I put in the grommets on the bodice and added the grosgrain ribbon on it.

So the back of the bodice is at this point so far...The straps aren't in the right position yet.

And the front. . . the grommets are in yet.

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