Monday, February 2, 2015

Cathy's 1860s dress and more

Cathy had a fitting of her bodice between everything else!

I stayed with Ben today and realized I had my camera with me.  So, I remembered the neat little sewing machine her dear husband gave her and took a couple pictures:

Ben did have a severe headache Saturday evening.  That is one of the side effects.  It is part of not being hydrated enough.  When he was on the IV they were hydrating him too.  He wasn't drinking enough once he was off the IV.  I made sure he was drinking today!  We keep noticing that he is more "with it" and responds quickly when asked a question.  Usually, you had to work to get through the zoning to get him to hear the question, then you had to wait and wait for the answer.

For the majority of parents, these little things are so insignificant but for a PANDAS child just the littlest improvement is huge!  We will be watching for all those little improvements with joy at each one.  Each one gives us hope Ben will make huge strides by the time these treatments are done.

Often there are big improvements after the first treatment, then after several months the improvement slows down and then another treatment is given.  3 or 4 treatments can be given.

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