Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 - Challenge 1 Make Do and Mend

I am going to try and do the challenges again this year and the first one is:

Challenge 1 - January 1 - January 15

"Make Do and Mend"
More info: http://thedreamstress.com/2013/10/hsf-14-how-its-going-to-work-challenge-1/

Let’s start of the year with a clean slate, and with a bit of a tidy up. Use this challenge as an opportunity to get your historical wardrobe in order by sewing back on all those buttons and hooks that have worked loose, replacing those very dusty dust-ruffles, adjusting that jacket that never quite fit you, or re-making that out-dated item into something fresh and new.

Don’t have a historical wardrobe? Or is yours already in perfect order? Celebrate the historical precedent of making-do by re-making something into a historical garments, whether it be a bodice from a worn-out skirt, a chemise from old sheets, a bosom-friend from an old cardigan, or a new historical hat from an old modern one etc.

Or, just celebrate those people who had to make-do by making something for someone who would have scrimped and saved and re-made and mended until the fabric entirely fell apart: the poor peasant, the intrepid pioneer, the Depression era housewife, and anyone from any other historical period who couldn’t just buy a new one.

When you are done with your challenge item, please put a photo of it in the Challenge Album (through the Photo tab on the main HSF page)

I have a petticoat that needs fixing at the waist so this challenge just might get me to fix it.

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