Saturday, January 18, 2014

Greater Bay Area Costume Guild

Last week I decided to take a big step.  Get big and brave and join the Greater Bay Area Costume Guild.  I figured they would all have absolutely wonderful costumes and be a little condescending when they saw my meger attempts.  So today Jeanie and I attended the Open House and my daughter and her husband joined also and attended.  Much to my delight everyone was so friendly and gracious.  The Guild has lots of fun events and educational opportunities.

And, to top it off, everyone at our table won at least one item from the raffle.

We saw some great costumes and when I get the pictures from my daughter I will share them.  Me and cameras!  I am not very good at photography and to top that off I forget to even bring my camera! DARN!

All those various events, and of course, outfits are needed for them. Looks like I won't have to think up projects!

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