Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still in the middle of saying good-by

We over 5 hours at the funeral home Tuesday.  This was even though Aunt Edna had everything pre-paid.  There are just tons of papers to sign.  The Funeral Home goes overboard to make sure every detail is correct, the have the correct body, the correct person is signing the papers, and that there is no possible way any relative can be legitimately upset at them with the arrangements that are done.  And there are so many details.  Then the cemetery person goes over all their area of expertise.  They certainly don't want the wrong grave site opened, etc.

All this and Aunt Edna will be cremated and she choose the urn.  I'd hate to think if we had to decide all she had already taken care of.

And then there is all the financial and legal stuff to take care of.  Most of these details need the death certificate.  The death certificate is one of the things we had to take care of Tuesday.  Now that information has to go different places, ending up at the Recorders to put it in the "Books".  Then it finally gets routed back to the Funeral Home, and then it will come back to us. They figure it will take a week and a half before we get it.

In the meantime, my brain is kind of in limbo.  Aunt Edna passed away and 99.5 years and I almost always visited her on Thursdays after my Weight Watchers meeting.  I have be sort of dreading today but I have a plan...., I have to go to the office supply store to get some photo paper.  Maybe I will go out to lunch with friends also.  It's been a long haul, about 20 years.

Her Kaiser doctor called this morning with condolences this morning.  I thought that was really nice.

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