Wednesday, January 1, 2014

See the Monarch Butterflies!

Wish the Monarchs a Happy New Year at Ardenwood, Fremont CA!

11:30am & 1:30pm
Wednesday, January 1st
Interpretive Staff
Start the year off right with an inspiring visit
to a monarch butterfly over-wintering site.
Discover the amazing migration of these tiny
creatures and how they survive the long
cold season in our eucalyptus trees. We’ll
use spotting scopes to see these magnificent
creatures up close and personal. Meet at the

The is what they look like up in the trees until the sun breaks through and warms them up.  Then they flutter around like falling leaves!
Last I heard about 30 were sighted several weeks ago, usually there are thousands.  Hope more have arrived since then.  With all the concrete jungles it makes it hard for them to find the environment to survive on their trips from Canada to Mexico and back in 3 generations.

Meanwhile, Otis in at the vets.  Awaiting diagnosis.  He is my sweetie. He is with me constantly when I am doggie sitting.  He protects me if anyone comes within 100 yds of the house!

He is very bashful.  When I go to take his picture he won't look me in the eye!

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