Thursday, January 2, 2014

Titanic Era Dress- Planning

Ok, here is what I am thinking......

I am planning to blend these two views into one:

I plan these modifications.
I will use the bodice of view A (on the right), but instead of the band I will use lace (if I have enough). I probably won't use a ribbon sash, so actually it will be more like bodice B, with lace across the bottom.
The skirt will be like B and with lace for embellishment, but only one row.

The over-bodice and over-skirt-
The over bodice will be like view B, but may open down the center, or not.....
The sleeves will be like View A, but have a tapered point with perhaps a bead tassel on the points.
The over-skirt will be like View B (which opens in the front), but be only floor length in the back.

Here is the fabric, a silk taffeta with a pretty light hand:

The taffeta is a strange color, kind of a cream beige with a dull greenish hint.

I bought the lace at a flea market about 20 some years ago and have been looking for a project to use it on.  It is a beige and does look good with the material.  I haven't figured out if I have enough yet, so send me some good wishes on that respect.

The beading I was working on during the Christmas season doesn't quite do it for this project.  The blue iridescent color doesn't work.  The blue beads are those that are long cut on the ends.  It makes them have a little rough look.

So, I started another beaded ribbon with light yellowish beads alternated with light brownish beads.  These are the rounded glass beads and lay better for this application.  I like how they look.

I do have to alter the pattern a bit.  I certainly don't have that column look of the 1912s. Which makes me think, it only got worse!  I would hate to be a "mature" lady in the Hobble Skirt times!

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