Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2014 and Good-by 2013


2013 wasn't a really horrible year, in fact, there were some pretty nice things that happened.

It started out very bad for my grandson, who has PANDAS/PANS.  He went into some very scary sessions and life was so hard for him.  But, then by June he was well enough to go to summer school!

He went on to start the fall session of 2013 and is doing pretty good, even though the Winter is the hardest for him.

And then there were the IEPs.... Since the little escapade with the court system, the IEPs became a LOT easier and unbelievablely even a bit actually pleasant (that is a scary thought).  Well, at least it wasn't torture like before.  And as the year progressed, the attitude has changed so much they even seem to be putting the kids needs ahead of everything else.

I attended a Painting Workshop in April in San Francisco and learned a lot and had a great time with friends, Simone and Sheryl.

We had another "Girl's Day Out" at Annie's Annuals and bought tons of plants, then spent a couple week planting them.  My succulents did pretty well this summer but this winter has been hard on them with all the frosts.  We have had more and harder frosts than usual.

I spent a week with my grand-dogs and grand-cat in May.  That is always a treat for the animals and me.

Grandson Julian graduated from High School and Grandkids, Luke and Francesca finished their freshman year.  Then Julian left for St Edward University in Austin to start his college experience.

Aunt Edna did well this year.  Her pressure sore on her heel healed up fine and all else was a well as to be expected.  She did start the year with not recognizing me though.  I had expected it for a couple years so it wasn't a surprise.

We spent a lot of time in the yard, slowly changing the plantings to easier care plants.  My arthritis in my hips are giving me warnings to head for easier gardening.  Some big projects in the gardening included the fence on one side replaced and the long planter box rebuilt.  The Eucalyptus tree in the front and another in the back were removed.

Granddaughter Jessica finished her college studies in December.  The first of the Grandkids to get through college.  Brent has a long haul, he is just in pre-med now.

Meanwhile, I had joined the Sewing Challenges for 2013 and kept very busy with the projects.  And then, of course, Ardenwood's season opens in April and closes just before Christmas.  I wore all those sewing projects while giving tours.  This year I spent of time at Ardenwood on School tours.  They are quite intense as we give tours to about 200-plus kids in 3 hours in groups of about 20-25 each.  Then there were the special events also.

Then there were different holiday events and parties, from Thanksgiving to Christmas.   The Dickens Faire was a wonderful event we are planing to do again.  And then, New Years Eve, which we always enjoy with some of the grandkids.  The new year starts at their house at 9pm Pacific Time (Midnight, Eastern Time) with New York's celebration!  That gets the kids (and us old folks) in bed at a decent hour!

Then it is 2014!  and the Rose Parade is the agenda for this morning!

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