Monday, December 16, 2013

Ardenwood Christmas - part 3

Ardenwood Kitchen

Unfortunately for all, because of the air quality due to inversion we were not able to use the Wedgewood stove or the fireplaces in the house.  It was a Spare the Air day and only home that use fireplaces for the exclusive source of heat could be used.  We used to be able to....but last summer a heating and air conditioning system was installed.  So we were warmer, but we also missed the stove and hot cookies and the Family Parlor fireplace.

But the Kitchen was decorated beautifully and it LOOKED like cookies were coming any moment!

Next is the Butlers Pantry.  All the serving pieces are stored in here.  

This is Clara's souvenir spoon collection, a testament to her love of travel.

Then there is the Dinning Room:

There was a little girl, 8 years old,  that came through on one of the tours a couple of weeks ago.  I was in the guest bedroom and I asked her to be my model for the corset and bustle we use for school groups.  That was all it took!  She is a natural and fell in love with the house.  She signed up for being a docent when she got to the Family Parlor, then she did the tour all over again!

At our Evening at Ardenwood, I met her mom.  She had been hooked too so she was co-docent in the nursery.  2 for 1, I did good!  Emma, the little girl, has been studying her docent book every night faithfully so she will be ready to go!  Love it.

We have a couple other new docents too that were on duty this week.  One is a 11 year old enthusiastic young man.  Both of them have been having fun giving tours already.  So great!

Tomorrow will be the last of this series of Christmas photos!

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