Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It sounds so Californian, but I do have a hot tub.  I wasn't using my greenhouse at the time so I decided to put it in there....PERFECT!  I have never wanted to change that decision.  I have privacy (I put UV screening in to avoid sun damage to the hot tub) and no drafts!  I swear by the hot tub to relieve arthritis pain.  I had emptied it when we went on our month-long trip and didn't get around to filling it again till several months ago.  Wow, what a difference when my hip was giving me so much trouble.

So much for that.  But this morning as I went out to the hot tub, I noticed the bird bath is almost solid ice.  The succulents seem to be doing ok, so far, and I didn't cover them last night.  I am going to have to do some covering tonight though.
Since we live about a mile from the San Francisco Bay our weather is very moderate.  We get frosts in the winter every so often, but usually it doesn't hurt anything we have, except maybe the hibiscus.



 And of course, the kid in me just had to break the ice.  Well, I just had to show you there WAS ice, didn't I!

The Narcissus have been blooming for over a month.

And the Lady Bush Bells are carrying on...
As are the roses.

 And just look what those chickens have done in ONE DAY.  I am going to put them in lock-down.

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  1. Your garden is looking wonderful! I need to get out and lay a thick coat of mulch before I regret it. Weeds are surely on their way.

    Speaking of colds ... I have one. Head hurts and sore throat :(