Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas pics! page 1

Last night at Ardenwood was lovely.  The house at night is totally different than in the day.  And, it was WARM!  This summer AC/Heating was added to the house.  It was not good to have the house suffer though winter without some heat, the wallpaper was starting to come down in the stairwell every year as the most evident of the stress.  And then there were all of us docents freezing our little bustles off at Christmas time, even though we had long underwear on and hand and feet warmers along with our capes and muffs.  It was very enjoyable this year!

I said I would post some photos, but it is going to be over a few days.  So here are a few views of Christmas 2013:

Guest Bedroom Chandelier

 I posted photos the other day of the Guest Bedroom so I decided I would try to take a "selfie" to satisfy my daughters' craving to see their mom in the new burgundy dress.  As you can see, my selfie skills are really bad.

 But, I tried.

And I went down the hall and visited Pat in the Master Bedroom during a lull in the guest flow.
 The photos really do not show the nice glow from the night lighting but it really did have a warm feeling.  Pat decorated the Master Bedroom with her peacock collection.  Since Mrs. Patterson had peacocks at the farm as pets and alarm system we have lots of peacock things through the house.
 And here is Pat showing how to bobbin lace.  She has been doing this for years and has made incredible things with lace.  Often at special events you will find her in the Master Bedroom showing how to bobbin lace, as well as telling stories of the past.
The Master Bedroom coal fireplace and the writing desk.

OK, Girls, so I found someone to take my picture.

So, there! Daughters can be so pesky!

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