Monday, December 23, 2013

Dickens Faire - Part 3

I would love to have felt that I should just really explore each shop instead of exploring the whole town!  It is so big and it has so much to see!  The whole Faire is so well done and doesn't feel temporary.  The decorations and scenes are fabulous.  The people were all great.  I can't even imagine all the work that goes in to put this on.  My thanks to all that helped it happen, it was well worth the $30 admission ticket......Oh, wait!!  I didn't pay for a ticket!!  While I was in the ticket line a gentleman asked me if I was a "participant", I said no.  He asked me if I needed a ticket, I said yes.  And he said, here, and gave me 2 tickets!!  Wow, I was blown away!  All the rest of our party had their tickets and now I had 2, so I passed on one of the tickets to another person down the ticket line and made her day!  How fun!  Thank you, Mr Stranger That gives Away Tickets!

This little lady was reading her book tucked into a little alley space.
More interesting streets and shops!
Lots of entertainment everywhere!
Father Christmas!  We also saw Scrooge, Marley, Christmas Past, and Christmas Present!
We even had a little lessons on the advantages of corsets on boobage and how to make them move....did I really say that?
Even the bar ladies looked so pretty.
Jenny and Robert were enjoying a little pub crawl through London.

 And one of the most interesting sights was window shopping....This one shop had living maniquins portraying scenes in stories or poems.  You had to look really closely to tell if they were alive or not, they could really hold still for a long time!

This was a corset shop, see the gentleman's corset!  

Little Bo Peep

Toasting the Season

Little Miss Muffet

I loved the windows!

Last pictures tomorrow!

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  1. We had a blast. Really how cool was it pub crawling through 1800's London... and it only took two hours to get there.