Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh, Dear, A Little Ditty on Reflections on Dec. 26th

T'was the morn after christmas, when all through the house
Grandma is searching for a... forgotten computer mouse?

The children are all gone, and in their beds
and visions of toys still dance in their heads.
The empty stockings are gathered with care
are put away for another year.

And Grandma gets ready to load up her sleigh,
to do her rounds after Christmas day.

Lots of tangerines and nuts for the kids,
and several dispensers of Pez up for bids,
A bag full of toys,  forgotten mostly by the little boys
but then... on the sideboard, she spies,
 some eyeglasses, some lipstick, a corkscrew just lays.

And a black camera in a small bag,
and another camera bright with colors of the flag!
So it isn't just the little ones that leave
the all the things Grandma has to retrieve.

So off to Weigh Watchers, first to the scale
before new resolutions, to get fit and hale,
then out to deliver the "forgotten things"
she will be in fine form and sing:

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!"

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