Monday, December 9, 2013

More Ardenwood Christmas photos

The Patterson House, ready for tours!

Detail on the Front Porch

On the piano in the Guest Parlor

Detail of the ceiling coving in the Guest Parlor

Guest Parlor Christmas Tree
Guest Parlor Fireplace
Lamp in the Foyer

The Family Parlor
 And then the carolers came to sing for us and the little girl volunteered to do the jingle bells.  She was very good and waited for the signal to shake the bells.

And wouldn't you know, the video sound doesn't seem to work.  Bummer.

The Family Parlor

Children love to pet "Sugar".  She is a service dog in training.

And we mustn't miss the visit with Father Christmas!
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Next event, December 13, Friday evening, 5-9pm  Evening Tours, the only one this year.
The feel of the house is completely different in the evening lighting.  Some guests dress in costume and really get into the Victorian mood.

It was pretty cold today, in the low 40s or high 30s....cold to us, but everyone was having fun!

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