Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dickens Faire, San Francisco - Part 1

We had so much fun at the Dickens Faire!  It is really well put on and so many try to fit in with costumes, even if it is a bonnet.  It really adds to the ambiance.

There were lots of people attending but the Cow Palace is so huge it didn't seem that crowded, except in the "dock" area maybe.

My camera decided to add bubbles to the scenes for some reason, but anyway, here are some pictures, (part 1) to give you a taste of what it is all about:
As we first came in, there was a ball going on near by.  Everyone was invited to join in.

Spencer and Simone took a few turns around the ball room!

The we decided to take a stroll down the streets of London.

Yay, It's snowing!  Oh, just in my camera.

More tomorrow!  I'm tired!

NOTE: Sunday, the 22nd is the last day of the Faire!

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