Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Front Patio Project Update

Still working on the front patio.  There sure is a difference in 30 years!  When we first put in the patio we spent lots of time on screeding the sand foundation, getting the run off angle just right, cutting bricks, all this before laying bricks. Thirty years later we are cutting out roots from the birch tree that are pushing up the bricks, adding and leveling the sand for small areas being repaired, re-laying the bricks and putting sand in between the bricks.  The ache and pain level is quite different between these years!  We spent LOTS of time the first time.  This time, the periods of work are a LOT shorter.  The amount of work is so much less but it is so much harder on our bodies!  The knees and hips do not like working at ground level any more.

But,  we are slowly moving along......The biggest area, at the gate, is also the most difficult to do.  It looks like it would be easy but it really isn't.  Anyhow, we are really close to the finish on that area.  One more thing has to be done, The clean up and that will finish that area!

At the gate area - BEFORE
Some of the smaller roots we cut out

The gate area - After (almost)

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