Monday, August 12, 2013

Sewing and Patio Work

It's a good thing we don't have a deadline we have to meet with out brick patio project.  We seem to work hard one day then rest the next.  I run out of materials and my husband likes to shop for those things, so that gives me time off waiting for the materials to show up.  Then a few steps require cutting materials on the table saw and that we don't do alone.  So, that takes awhile too.  Anyhow, we will cut some deck board today and then I am back to work tomorrow. 

Our Orchard Supply Hardware store is closing and has 30% off of everything left.  That came in handy.  I ran down and bought 3 more rolls of the heavy plastic bender board.  They only have a couple left now.  I am going to miss that store, so close.

So since I am in the waiting mode right now, I have decided I will go over my fabric boxes and see how much I have and what I have left.  After I go through my manic times of sewing I just put stuff away and don't remember what has been used.  I do try to use up laces, ribbons, linings on my Victorian costumes so I need an inventory before I start my winter projects.  Yesterday I went through my "3 yds or less" box, well, at least one of them. This morning I am going to continue with another box that I rather just dumped stuff into last spring.  Wonder what is in there?  Maybe I will just go in there and take a picture.  It will be a revelation to you and me!

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